The initial consultation will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and I will spend time taking a thorough case history and ascertain your key aims and health objectives. The case history will enable me to gather information about your past medical history, any significant past events in your life which may be contributing to current symptoms and information about your different body systems. Key information about your diet, lifestyle and sense of wellbeing is also assetained to give a truely holistic picture.  Taking all this information into account, a personalised action plan will be produced, aiming to improve your nutritional status and wellbeing. Advise will include both dietary and lifestyle changes and may include nutritional supplement recommendations.

Follow-up appointments will be arranged to review progress, successes and difficulties with the plan and to make further adjustments to your program.

In between appointments I will be available by email or phone to answer any questions.

Initial consultations must be attended in person but follow-ups can be conducted via Skype or telephone if preferred.

Laboratory Testing

In some cases I may advise further diagnostic laboratory tests be carried out and these will be discussed on a case by case basis. These tests are often useful to confirm important information about underlying issues which may need further nutritional support. Testing can give very accurate information about the health of your gut, your hormone profile, your thyroid function and your immune status and will enable me to really target these areas of concern.  These tests are not included in your consultation fee so any price will be discussed if it is felt testing is needed.   

Diet Review

If you don’t have a specific health problem but would like to assess your current diet and make general positive changes, I also offer a diet review service.  During the consultation we will look at your lifestyle and nutritional needs, your current diet and food shopping habits and devise a plan to enable you to eat well and feel well. Bespoke 7 day menu plans and shopping list will be created as part of this protocol.  


Initial Consultation: 1 hour 30 minutes: £100

Follow-up appointment 45 mins: £50

Personalised menu plans: from £75 

My fees reflect the time spent preparing for your initial visit, the face-to-face consultation, compiling a bespoke treatment plan that includes targeted supplementation, meals plans and recipes, interpreting functional testing (if applicable) plus specified support via email and phone in between consultations.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact me on 07941 262 226, or by filling in the form on the website.