I have always had a passion for fresh home-cooked food influenced by my upbringing but I saw the power of correct nutrition through my own path to health. Having suffered from a number of stress-related issues and unexplained infertility, I discovered nutritional therapy on my quest to find out why I could not conceive. I experienced first-hand how making a few simple changes to my diet and lifestyle had dramatic effects on my wellbeing. Today I am a Mum to two amazing daughters, who I truly believe were the result of the nutritional and lifestyle changes myself and my partner made. I decided to re-train as a Nutritional Therapist in order to use my passion and knowledge to help others realise how taking a few easy steps can have a huge impact on their health. 

I am available for nutritional therapy appointments in Lewes and Brighton, as well as via Skype and telephone. Home visits can be arranged by special appointment.

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist trained by The College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am a fully insured member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and a registered member of the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)



"I would just like to say a huge thank you to Nicole. She really has changed my life and helped me manage the pain and lethargy that comes with having Ankylosing Spondylitis. Prior to our first meeting I was a little sceptical as to how much benefit I would get out of it but I was completely wrong. After a detailed analysis of my eating habitats and lifestyle she set me on a nutrition plan that has amazingly reduced my inflammation and given me so much more energy than I have ever had before. She leaves no stone unturned and is incredibly knowledgeable and detailed in her advice. I can't recommend Nicole more highly." Patrick, Lewes


"I couldn’t recommend Nicole Silver more highly when you need help and guidance to get on the right track with food and health issues. When I started seeing Nicole I was constantly sick, my immune system and my general wellbeing was at an all-time low.  I had problems with Arthritis & Asthma and was on the verge of an eating disorder, yoyo dieting -  the works.  Nicole was very easy to approach and very understanding.  She showed me how certain foods were exacerbating my aliments and offered brilliant, sustainable substitutes which have permanently put paid to binge & bust.  With just a few tweaks to my diet my health is better than it has been in over a decade and whilst I am not 100% pure, I no longer panic when I put food in my mouth. I can't thank you enough Nicole for guiding me through this life changing transformation." Dionne, Brighton 


"I've been seeing Nicole for some time. My first child has had digestive and allergy problems, - Nicole has helped me navigate my way through this tricky time. At one time he was very tired after a nursery day and consistently fell asleep on the way home. With Nicole’s help we've been able to boost his energy levels and work out a way to get all the nutrients he needs and support his tummy at the same time. Whilst I was pregnant with my second baby her advise meant I felt really well through the pregnancy and was producing much more milk for her than my first child. I felt energetic and healthy, and able to provide nourishment for my newborn and look after myself. She is so caring and knowledgeable and I am so thankful for her input. I can see real positive outcomes in myself and my children." Kerry, Seaford


"When we met with Nicole we knew our daughter had complex dietary requirements but did not know where to start. She was underweight and not growing. Nicole took a thorough and exhaustive history of our daughter's diet and health. She developed menus tailored to her needs, along with suggestions for probiotics and multivitamins. My daughter has put on so much weight now and we are close to finding the foods she can tolerate and cannot tolerate. We are so grateful for Nicole's knowledge, support and menu plans and  would thoroughly recommend her to another family."  Roisin, Shoreham


"I came to Nicole concerned about my daughter's nutritional consumption as I had taken her off dairy due to eczema.  Having been a very good eater she had started teething and become very fussy with her food. I felt at a loss & needed some meal plan advice. Nicole helped reassure & advise me about what was missing from Delilahs diet, from food groups to supplements. She set me up a weekly meal plan with some recipe ideas, which was all very helpful & gave me the confidence that I needed to let go a little bit & stop getting so stressed about it. Which in turn meant Delilah stopped feeling under pressure from me. I'm so grateful for Nicole's support through what felt like a very tough time." Georgina, London


"I originally came to Nicole to resolve a long term knee joint issue which I regularly took Nurofen for to reduce swelling and pain. I knew that a bit of Omega 3 might help, so I went to see her to see what advise she could offer. I got a thorough nutritional make over and diet and advise on the right type of supplements to take. Having acted on about 75% of her instructions, I noticed a difference after a month. My knee felt much less painful and I haven’t taken a Nurofen since. Quite incredible, thank you Nicole." James, Brighton